Cool Mona’s Alphabet Poetry

Sometimes I need to purge feelings but the words don’t come. So I resort to alphabet poetry and something inspirational always emerges. The only guideline is to begin each line with the corresponding letter, such as for “A” I may write “Always I am out of gas”. For the next line – “B” – I will write “Because your demands”,  and for “C” I will write “Cost so much”. Don’t over think what to write, just write and purge; there is no right or wrong on this exercise.  If you would like to print the worksheet, please click here.



Cool Mona 3 Daily Actions

Cool Mona’s  3 Daily Actions

I need to stay grounded, keep my emotional reservoir full, be ready when the stuff hits the fan. I’ve learned that the 3 Daily Actions work well for me so I try to do a daily something in these 3 categories: Spiritual, Social, Physical. They’re all connected so maybe they’ll keep me connected. But fear not! I don’t wake up and head to Pilates (physical), sushi with friends (social) and read quiet hourly meditations (spiritual). I work, I commute, I eat carbs, I drink a lot of margaritas. Trying is what it’s about and that’s all I can ask of myself. Some days I touch the clouds. Other days my 3 Daily Actions look like this:

  • Spiritual: Shouting out gratitude that my in-laws just cancelled dinner.
  • Social: I text a friend “What do you call a pig that does karate? A pork chop.”
  • Physical: I walk directly to the mailbox, look at catalogs for 5 minutes and walk directly back to the house.

If you would like to print the worksheet, please click here.