I spend way too much time rehashing conversations, chastising myself over unsaid compliments and all out worrying over things that are out of my control. I’m working on it and now sharing  #2 and #3 of the 10 things not to dwell on – The New Media Millionaire and The Case of the Missing Nutella.

#2 – There he is on CNN’s homepage, looking very young (because he is very young) — the guy who just made many millions of dollars in some techie twist of fate and then retired at age 27. Meanwhile you’re deferring your student loans and eating ramen every night. But guess what? You’ll have time to be retired when you’re, you know, retirement age. Sure, it would be pretty sweet to live your entire adult life as a millionaire without ever working again but…wouldn’t you get bored? No? Well, at least think of all the taxes! And anyway, ramen can be delicious when you’re sharing it with your beloved also-non-millionaire friends.

And #3 – So let’s just say maybe this has happened: The jar of Nutella was emptied, circa 3 a.m. No attempt was made to honor its role as a spread; no, this crime of calorie consumption was committed with a spoon. A big spoon. And this was after a virtuous day of green juices, flax seeds and the spin class with the psychopath teacher. Might as well just spend the next week camped out inside a birthday cake, right? Well, no, actually. The nocturnal diet setback is only a catastrophe if you let it be. Start fresh the next day—now that Nutella isn’t there to tempt you.

Here’s to a joyful and inspirational kind of day.