clothes fall offFNK_green-margarita_s4x3_jpg_rend_snigalleryslideAll my favorite recipes have a bit of tequila in them and why not? Including tequila goes well beyond drinks…I use it in marinades for chicken and meats and also in salad dressings. Wine tastings and pairings are dated and dare I say…boooring? Come over to the tequila side and check out these incredible ideas.

Caution! Tequila makes your clothes fall off. And I can personally attest to this: the 10th day without power in Super Storm Sandy, the naming ceremony of my friend’s two rescues, Betty and Frank and the neighborhood dance party for the recent red moon.

Tequila Shot Donut Holes

Blackberry Sage Tequila Smash

Spicy Blackberry Margarita

A Lavender Margarita, An Incredibly Beautiful Drink

The Smokey Robinson

Salud, A Unique Drink For The Holidays

Add Some Tequila To Your Thanksgiving Table

Fettuccini With Turkey And Tequila

Margarita Marinade for Wings, Pork, Flank Steak 

Hot Mint Cocoa

Tequila Cured Salmon Gravlax 

Celebrate The Art of Mothering With A Momosa 

Make A Dirty Bird

Cheese Fondue With Chipotle And Tequila

A Green Margarita (A Healthy One!)

A Tequila Sunrise Ice Pop