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How To Help A Person In Pain

You can’t assume you know what’s going on but you can find a compassionate way to ask. Don’t start sentences with “you”—it puts people on the defensive. So rather than “You’ve been different lately,” say “I notice you’re more tearful, more angry. Is this something you want to talk about?” And if so, tell her how …

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The 3 Most Devastating Kinds Of Loss (And How To Recover)

I’m a long-time fan of Louise Hay who is big on affirmations for emotional and physical healing. And according to Louise and co-author David Kessler of You Can Heal Your Heart, understanding what kind of loss you’re experiencing can sometimes help you find your best self in the situation.  Especially if you use these specific affirmations. 1. Complicated …

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Have A Cool Mona Type Of Conversation (Without Mentioning His Exes)

There seems to be a communications issue between me and hubby’s tennis club, neighbors, ex-colleagues, esteemed board members of the ballet. And so I thought I would put things to rest. Apparently you are confused as to what you should converse with me about at parties, openings, summer picnics and lovely holiday parties for the …