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The Happiness Secrets You Keep Forgetting (#3 and #4)

Leigh Newman, a favorite writer of mine, reminds us that the mysteries of happiness aren’t so mysterious after all. Enjoy some inspirational words. Secret #3: Hopscotch Somewhere in your life is a playground. There are so many things in the way of your stopping there: groceries, a bad back, a meeting, a cello lesson for …

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7 Wonderful Gifts That Everyone Gets (and here are 4-7)

Leigh Newman is a favorite inspirational writer and appears frequently on The first 3 gifts that everyone gets appeared yesterday and now here are the final 4. 4. You’re spared. Prior to the age of seatbelts, you were a baby crawling around in the back of a station wagon and the door opened. You …

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Changes in life = changes in friends. Anyone who has gone through a divorce or death of a spouse is not surprised by this statement. Life’s challenges not only alter who we are but also alter our friends’ comfort level of our new life. Even the nearest and dearest of friends search for the right …