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A Cool Mona Masterpiece: Street Art With Post-It Notes

It began by a running conversation between 2 ad agencies in Lower Manhattan high rises. A year later, it ended up being the battle of a new found street art. Employees of Havas Media simply put a “Hi” message in their window with Post-It notes and their neighbors across this NYC street, Horizon Media, answered. Today, thousands of colorful post-it notes can …

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A Cool Mona Book Review: The Muralist

The Muralist by B.A. Shapiro, published 2015. Talk about timing. An important look at two world-changing topics: the refugees of pre-war WWII trying to enter the United States and the budding American school of Abstract Expressionism. A strange combination, you’re thinking, but not so according to the beautiful piece of historical fiction B.A. Shapiro paints. …

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A Cool Mona Masterpiece: Harlem’s Street Art Celebrates Climate-Threatened Birds

I lift my morning margarita to those who creatively message about climate change. In October 2014, just weeks after the release of the Audubon Birds and Climate Change Report, a gallery owner and artist approached the Audubon Society with an audacious and unconventional idea for spreading the word about the plight of birds: Street art. Murals. Murals of climate-threatened birds. Avi …