I play it safe and always have a Plan B. (My Plan A’s never got much traction anyway. )

My friend, Darla lives out her Plan A with food and a beautiful home. We just attended a cookie exchange and hers looked like a 5th Avenue bakery, served no less on a lovely holiday platter. I tried but my Plan A turned out bumpy and lardy looking and delivered via plastic Chinese take-out containers. When asked, I had no idea who made them. For the onset of autumn, Darla’s Plan A was beautifully stacked pumpkins and gourds (orange, cream, multi-colored) in her front garden. My Plan A fell through when the lone pumpkin I bought at Home Depot was stolen off my front porch on Day 5.

Living via Plan B makes life easier. I always want the job but the job will never be a lifetime achievement award. That would be going after a Plan A and could possibly bring about heart break if things don’t work out. When you’re in the dating world, you must fully embrace the Plan B lifestyle. It makes you more attractive. Such as accepting the drink offer but having your GF call pretending to be your boss. If you say the code word (strawberries), she’ll say there’s a crisis and needs you to jump on a conference call. Or over pretty drinks he asks you to move in and you say you can’t because distant relatives from Arkansas will be staying the summer. You may really like the idea of moving in and playing house but you’d better have a Plan B in the background. These things seldom work out.

Well, after a lifetime of exhausting Plan B and discouraging Plan A, I have finally learned to live a third plan – Plan Be. I live in the present and try really hard to not fret over the silly things. I think it but I don’t say it. I meditate. I still sing off key but now I do it loudly. My clothing budget is not what it once was and I simply rotate my three favorite outfits. I remain grateful for the highs and forgive the lows. For those who have made a loving difference in my life, I stay in touch. I no longer slink off because Plan A didn’t work and Plan B was disappointing. I drink my morning margarita out of a beautiful glass that was hand blown in Mexico and found at the flop shop.

Living a Plan Be doesn’t actually mean that you are choosing a Plan Be. It may have chosen you. And because of that I send you hope and simplicity and courage. Be.