Way Cool Gifts

Gifts are good. In fact, I’m quite fond of them. But more times than not, I like giving them more than receiving them. I like the look on his face as I hand it over and he says who? me? I look for items that are fun or different or colorful or offer special meaning through the artists that create them. And so I’ve added a gift area – Way Cool Gifts – as one of the tabs at the top of the home page.  cocktail napkins make great little gifts

I still think the best way cool gifts are free, like a hug or a look that says I’m not going anywhere, but surely someone will find some joy and inspiration from these items as well.



Leader of the Pach Collar    20% of proceeds of Leader of the Pach Collars will be donated to support the conservation programs of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  Ribbon collars, leads and harnesses come in a wide variety of lengths, and in three widths. – See more at: http://upcountryinc.com/our-products/leader-of-the-pach