Marg_4 iconHemingway In Love, A Memoir by A.E. Hotchner. Published 2015. Ernest Hemingway and the author were friends of 13 years, spending hours on a fishing boat off the Keys or tucked away in a local bar. Hemingway, an American novelist whose understated style strongly influenced 20th century fiction, kept some of his key and intimate stories to himself in case he needed fuel for the day when his writing dried up. After surviving back-to-back plane crashes in the African bush and multiple bouts with severe depression, Hemingway began sharing his last story – one of profound regret – and asking Hotchner to record it.

Regret is not such a surprising topic for one who feels it’s the end of his life, but this is Hemingway who is bigger than life. And regret. I usually do not read tell-all books, but again, this is Hemingway.

He was in love with 2 women, first wife Hadley Richardson and second wife Pauline Pfeiffer. All things truly wicked start from an innocence. The women and marriages could not have been more different. Hadley was simple and a good sportsman, they had little to no money. Pauline was glamorous and her rich uncle in Piggott, Arkansas kept the couple in homes around the world. “You ever loved two women at the same time?” I said I hadn’t. “Lucky boy,” he said.

Hotchner (current age of 95) is an expert storyteller and so I practically read the book in one sitting. He also shared a friendship with Hemingway’s 4 wives and waited to publish until all parties had escaped this earthly realm. I think if Hemingway was here today, he would join me in one of the 4 margaritas I award Hemingway In Love.