The Cuban Affair by Nelson DeMille. Published September 2017.        

Mac, a charter boat captain out of Key West, Florida and a heavily decorated soldier – two Silver Hearts and one Purple Heart – is recruited by 3 hot shots involved with anti-Castro groups. They’re willing to pay big bucks for a run to Cuba to claim $60M worth of property deeds to the government. With the great Cuban Thaw under way between Cuba and the United States, they feel it’s only a matter of time before it’s found, perhaps by tourists hiking in the beautiful cave area by the beaches.  Mac will either leave the game as a very rich man – they’ve promised $3 Million – or not leave Cuba at all if the federales are on their A game.

The book has detailed descriptions of Havana and neighboring beach communities. An exciting look into the Cuban culture as you piggyback with a tour group through the Yale Educational Fund.

It’s brilliantly written, expertly paced with DeMille’s signature wit. A rewarding read and the best of thrillers. DeMille has a new fan.

The author has 20 bestselling novels and is a member of Mensa. (I’m sure my invite is in the mail.) His book, The General’s Daughter, was made into a movie with John Travolta. DeMille was honored as the 2015 Thriller Master of the Year by the International Thriller Writers.

In the Cool Mona rating system, I easily give it 5 margaritas.