Mona Lisa

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A Cool Mona Weekly Masterpiece: Russian Artist Inserts Her Fat Cat Into Iconic Paintings

Creative artist and cat owner, Svetlana Petrova, decided to introduce her big ginger feline, Zarathustra, to the art world. Much loved and well fed, the cat itself created the new art movement – Fat Cat Art – in which Petrova added him to some iconic portraits and timeless masterpieces. The artist inherited Zarathustra from her …

Living large Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Tidbit (C’mon, a little culture won’t hurt you.)

Mona Lisa is without eyebrows, ever notice? Rumor has it that an error was made during the initial attempt to clean and restore the painting and the eyebrows were accidentally removed. Leonardo da Vinci was the consummate perfectionist, so it’s understandable why people would question the missing brows; I don’t think it was a fashion statement. However, upon a bit more reading …

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Tidbit

  So who really was this mysterious woman? Dr. Lillian Schwartz of Bell Labs recently stated that the Mona Lisa is the feminine version of Da Vinci himself. I love this idea. Through digital analysis, she discovered that Da Vinci’s facial characteristics and those of the Mona Lisa are perfectly aligned. It’s widely accepted that she’s really …