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50 New Year’s Aspirations For Better Mental Health (Yes, You Do Too Need Them) – Part 2

Linda Esposito of Wired For Happy wrote these – I’m such a fan of her work. And New Year’s aspirations don’t have to begin on 1/1…my own New Year starts on my birthday. (Already working on #32.) Check out the first 25 here.   26. Make Sunday your self-care day: get a massage, a mani-pedi, extra sleep, …

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A Cool Mona Masterpiece: Adult Coloring Books (But You Must Color Outside The Lines)

Katherine Brooks of The Huffington Post presents some great coloring books for adults. And just for the record, I’ve been using coloring books for years. Outside the lines, of course. Imagine you’re arguing with your uncle, again, over who knows more about the upcoming election. Or a fight breaks out between your brother and mother, …

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Here’s What They’re Talking About – How To Be Mindful In Your Everyday Life

Bringing mindful, non-judgmental attention to the present moment has been getting a good rap these days. It was once thought of as solely a spiritual practice, but research has found that people are substantially happier when paying attention to what they’re doing—even happier than if they’re daydreaming about something pleasant. I wantmore happiness in every day interactions …