Living large

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A Cool Mona Masterpiece: Live From A “Barrage” In Flushing, Queens

They did it on Friday nights anyway, drinking, telling stories, discussing rock music, so why not invite a few more to the party? And that’s how the weekly radio show and podcast, Live From the Barrage came to life. From John Houlihan’s wood-frame, unheated – no bathroom – no running water garage in Flushing, Queens. …

Living large

A Cool Mona Recipe: A Pomegranate Poinsettia

Elegant and fruity, the Pomegranate Poinsettia is perfect for entertaining during the holidays. This Champagne cocktail is a slight variation of the well-known Poinsettia and differs because it pairs a stronger orange flavor with PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur as well as switching the cranberry out for orange juice. The 2 cocktails would be excellent to serve …

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A Cool Mona Masterpiece: Harlem’s Street Art Celebrates Climate-Threatened Birds

I lift my morning margarita to those who creatively message about climate change. In October 2014, just weeks after the release of the Audubon Birds and Climate Change Report, a gallery owner and artist approached the Audubon Society with an audacious and unconventional idea for spreading the word about the plight of birds: Street art. Murals. Murals of climate-threatened birds. Avi …