A Cool Mona Book Review: Kingpin

Kingpin by Kevin Poulson. A truly riveting and fast moving storyline written by the very best of cybercrime criminals and now the Senior Editor of Wired.com.  Poulson spent five years in prison for hacking and leading the underground’s complex billion dollar carding business; he now introduces us to the 21st century’s version of organized crime. The how’s of hacking are explained in detail as well as (and perhaps more interestingly) the whys, which extend mere profit. It gives a tremendous understanding of the hacking culture and shows a parallel business world full of the brightest technology wizards as hackers and phishers, cybercops, FBI, moles and double agents. The lead character surprisingly dons a white hat as well – showing government institutions and mega-companies their security holes – but understandably the adrenalin just doesn’t pump on these types of gigs.  It’s a tremendous read and a great gift idea for techie loved ones. In the Cool Mona rating system, I give it 5 margaritas.

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