Tired of the same old, fruity margaritas? Give the Smokey Robinson a try because I promise that it is not yourSmokey Robinson average tequila cocktail. The recipe comes from Odd Duck in Austin, Texas What happens when you blend a mezcal margarita with a DIY apple shrub, then top it with a sweet red wine? Wonderful things and a drink you will not soon forget! The Smokey Robinson is a cocktail for the adventurous and is a true taste experience.

The apple shrub is actually quite easy to make using either a cold or warm technique and which you choose to use will probably depend on how quickly you need it. Shrubs do get better as they sit, so I would suggest prepping it at least a few days ahead, though the drink is still great with a young, quick shrub.

When the drink comes together you get a slight smoke from the mezcal, the vegetal sweetness of the tequila and nectar, accents of bittered apple and a sweetness from the wine.

  1. Begin by rimming a tall glass with a mixture of salt and dehydrated apple powder (or salt alone).
  2. Pour the ingredients (except the wine) into a blender with 2 cups of ice.
  3. Blend until smooth and pour into the prepared glass.
  4. Swirl in a full-bodied, slightly sweet red wine for added complexity.

Call me. I’ll bring my own glass.