Milky WayIf you still have Halloween candy sitting around, this recipe will put it to good use. If not, here’s a reason to buy more. And the best part about a Milky Way Vodka? You make it in the DISHWASHER! Thanks to my friend, Caroline, who found this in the New Jersey Star-Ledger.



1 (750 ml) bottle of vodka

1/2 (11 ounce) bag of fun-size Milky Way bars – about 10 or 5 regular size bars



Pour out about 25% of the vodka from the bottle and save for future use.

Cut up the candy bars until they can fit into the neck of the bottle.

Add the candy to the bottle of vodka. Seal tightly.

Run the bottle through the dishwasher cycle. When done, shake the bottle to combine. If necessary, run the bottle through the cycle again.

Store in the freezer. (Vodka will not freeze.) Yields about 13 2-ounce servings for a fun dessert drink.


Cool Mona Note: If you’re an unfun person, you can make this in a double boiler. Just add the candy to the DB and stir. As candy melts, stir in a little of the vodka at a time. Keep mixing until everything becomes a smooth blend. Pour the mixture back into the bottle and store in the freezer.