DoritosWeekly Masterpiece iconIn partnership with the It Gets Better Project, Doritos has announced a new campaign that will feature rainbow-colored chips. All in celebration and support of the LGBT community. Cool, eh?

The “Doritos Rainbows” packages will only be available online for a limited time. In order to get a bag, customers must pledge $10 to the It Gets Better Project.

The project, founded by author Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller in 2010, was created in response to several LGBT teens who committed suicide. The organization’s message is that “life indeed gets better,” with the group providing support and hope to LGBT youth worldwide.

The chips are inspired by the Pride flag and the bags will feature inspiring quotes. Doritos brightly-colored chips show the company’s support in the “boldest, most colorful way possible.” After making a purchase, customers can demonstrate further support by sharing messages over social media using the hashtag “#BoldandBetter.”

The chips will only be available for purchase until October 11, which is National Coming Out Day.

Cool Mona Note: I’ve already ordered my bag. Some days life is really encouraging.