Hang in therepizza art pizza hutpizzadrawingpizza artpizza art 3Mushrooms, olives and extra awesome, please. That will be my next phone order for a pizza now that I know the trend on pizza box art. Check out the work of some talented and fun people – you know, like us – working in pizzerias.

A couple of office workers order some dinner and ask for a little inspiration. The pizza guy draws a cat hanging from a tree branch with “Hang in there”.

A customer named Robyn was either in a grumpy mood herself or had a playful personality. Hey, if the artist is cute and Robyn keeps ordering pizza and making artistic requests, this could be the new Match.




There are some places, however, I KNOW would not play along, like the  spot in my neighborhood full of grumpy old men.

And sometimes, just like in life, you don’t always get what you asked for.