Touch by Courtney Maum. Published in 2017. 306 pages. A good piece of fiction that could just as well be a true story. A technology trend forecaster (one of the world’s best) who invented “the swipe”, Sloane Jacobson takes it all back. Her last forecast undoes all of her earlier predictions. Technology will now take second place to touch reality – hugs, massage, hand holding and embracing compassion and empathy.

Her freakazoid of a French boyfriend – a neo-sensualist – is the best. He’s made quite the name for himself and makes the global statement that traditional sex is over and virtual sex rules.  He walks the home streets of Paris and now New York City in a unitard without eye holes or a mouth slit. Once a daily collaborator with Sloane, he finds himself going against her as the top tech company hires both of them and wants the general public to pick a favorite.

Maum’s style is full of satire and fun to read. Her self-driving car comes with a personality and becomes one of her few friends. It’s also a provocative meditation with rich ideas on how to succeed in life and a call to action – to at least put away our smart phones for the time it takes to read the book.

Maum’s short fiction, book reviews and essays have been published in The New York Times and Buzzfeed. She has co-written films that debuted at Sundance and won awards at Cannes. Maum has been a trend forecaster, a fashion publicist and a product namer for M-A-C cosmetics.

In the Cool Mona rating system, I gladly give it 4 margaritas.

A Cool Mona Note: I just finished Educated by Tara Westover, a memoir of a young woman who was not allowed to attend school because of her survivalist parents. Tara is completely self taught and works during the day in her father’s scrap yard. She gets into Brigham Young University and goes on to get degrees from Cambridge and Harvard. An excellent read.

So, what are you reading?