Marg_4 iconThe Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith, Kindle edition published 2014. I may have missed this one had the author not asked me for an honest review and gifted me the book. Love stories aren’t my thing but this one has a quality life lesson to it and was well worth the time to read the short 155 – page story.

Meredith has a knack for lovely rolling sentencing, giving a far more impressive vocabulary to Snow White than expected. He took the original Snow White fairy tale and added his twist to it. In the author’s version, Snow White is queen, widowed and aging. The story begins with great detail on the abuse she received from her evil stepmother but turns into a truer-than- life love story when her Prince Charming, specifically Charming (first name) Von Gerechtigkeit Von Freide Von Gnadenbrot, Crowned Prince of Geschictia, rescues her and turns her life into the season highlight of The Bachorlette.

Queen Snow White becomes friends with the talking mirror who is actually able to say much more than what we remember, you are the fairest of them all. In fact, the mirror teaches Snow White to buck up and live life. Princess Raven is getting married and would like her mother to be present and help with all the usual questions pre-wed 18th century young women had.

The love scene was the only disappointment with the book. It was expected and predictable and I looked to see if Fabien was on the cover. With Meredith’s creative streak, I think he could have done more with it or left it out all together.

Apparently, Meredith enjoys exploration of a fairy tale and I hope he stamps his creative brand on others, maybe going a little crazy with it. I like the concept of remaking a fairy tale. It’s a sweet, beautiful read and I give it 4 out of 5 margaritas in the Cool Mona rating system.