Cool Mona

Not only has she been around, but kicked around as well. She’s been snake bit, dog bit, kid bit, and margarita’ed up. She hasn’t been carded in years.

Her tastes range from a $1.50 Costco dog to menu items she wouldn’t dare try to pronounce. She’s worn the little navy suit and presided over PowerPoint presentations. She’s gotten lost in the corporate shuffle and had to find her way back. Some of her goals include a customer service job working from home – in a robe and smart belt – and owning an offbeat boutique called Insubordination.

She loves to entertain with her online dating stories, and in a quieter moment can recall three of the twelve months following the unexpected death of her spouse. She wants what others have; specifically, that inextinguishable life spark that emanates from them. How did they get it? How do they keep it?

But the most important thing she – Cool Mona – wants you to know is that she is still standing. And she wants you to remain standing as well. Hence, the importance of sharing her personal journey with you. Is she some expert? Nope. Therapist? Hardly. Real? Yes. Sincere? Without a doubt.

May you find a pearl or two by following her as she works on remaining upright in a downhill kind of world.